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Toxic Management: PIMM (Part 2 of 2)

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Dealing with a PIMM is like being put in a cage in the zoo with a wild animal.  It is an environment that is not suitable for most humans. On a professional level, PIMMs waste so much of your time with their useless or harmful requests for paperwork, meetings and overcontrolling that there isn’t much time left in the working day to do some real work.

There is no room left for advancement of the subordinates, as the micro-manager-boss does not relinquish any authority.  He delegates tasks but not responsibility.  This causes resentment among employees.  Subordinates start showing a lack of interest in work, creativity diminishes, staff morale plummets, sickness absences increase and the end result is low productivity.

PIMMs can

  • cause you dangerously high levels of stress
  • drive you insane
  • make you obsess about the problems even when you are with friends and family to the point that your friends and family start avoiding you
  • inhibit your ability to do your job
  • can make your working life hell

The PIMM is a special type of corporate psychopath and does not understand remorse so don’t think that confronting the PIMM will solve the problem. Don’t try to be a hero or you might find yourself unemployed or in a more unpleasant situation at work. If the PIMM perceives you to be a threat, he/she will take steps to have you punished or dismissed in order to regain full control.

If you are unfortunate to report to a PIMM, the safest course of action is to start looking for another job but make sure you do it as an undercover mission. Continue to comply with the PIMM’s demands while secretly looking for another job. You don’t want the PIMM to even suspect that you are looking for another job because some PIMMs will do what it takes to keep good workers, even resorting to sabotage. The PIMM relies on you and your co-workers to do all the work which makes the PIMM look competent.  Do you think the PIMM will let good workers go that easily? Whatever you do, try to find a new job before the  PIMM excessively monitors you into insanity or worse, into an early grave.

Credit goes to softpanorama for most of the information here.  Softpanorama has a wealth of information on all types of toxic management.

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