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Trip down memory lane 2…

February 25, 2010 Leave a comment

Stephanie Mills performing “Home” (1989)


Trip down memory lane 1…

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I was searching for a video on YouTube (as one does when one has too much time on one’s hands :)). I stumbled upon some of my old favourites. Here are a couple.

Luther Vandross performing ‘A House is Not a Home’ at the NAACP Image Awards (1987)

Funny poster: Faith

July 13, 2009 Leave a comment

funny-picture-1142018091’s ‘free’ delivery costs too much! (Conclusion)

July 11, 2009 2 comments

I woke up this morning still fuming about my Amazon order so I phoned their customer services line. The customer services representative told me that Royal Mail could not deliver my items and my refund had already been processed so I have to place a new order.  That made me more annoyed. In my normal voice, I replied,  “This is out of order. You won’t believe how angry I am” which I think was rather pointless. I mean, if you are angry you are supposed to sound angry, right?

I have a ploy I use on customer services staff.  When they refuse to grant my request, I don’t raise my voice. I ask again very politely and if they still say ‘No’, then I start complaining and rambling on about how I have always been a loyal customer and will stop using their service blah blah blah. I know they don’t care if I leave or stay but all that whining, done in a monotone voice, usually wears them down and eventually they either tell me an emphatic “sorry but there’s nothing I can do” or they give me what I want.  Most of the time,  I get what I want.

So I tried my strategy with the Amazon customer services woman. First I asked her, “Is there anything you can do to sort this out without my having to place a new order, please? I would really appreciate it because I don’t fancy paying double for an item that cost much less just 10 days ago”. “I’m sorry, there’s nothing I can do”, she replied.  So I took a deep breath and started whining, “I just can’t pay double the latest price for this item. It’s more than double the original price….I have been a loyal customer for yeeeears… I will take my custom elsewhere ….This is not right…This is sooo unfair…. how can my address be ‘undeliverable’ when the postman has been delivering my other mail all week…I neeeever have this problem when I use your express delivery…You can’t treat customers this way…” I just went on and on.  I must have been speaking for about 3 minutes before she said, “I will see what I can do. Can you stay on the line please? I’ll now put you on hold.” A few minutes later she was back and she said, “You will have to place a new order”. I took a deep breath, ready to start complaining again when she quickly added, “BUT while we are on the line, I will edit the price so you pay the amount that was on your first order. It will also be sent to you by first class delivery for free.”  My voice returned back to normal. I thanked her and said I would prefer to use Express delivery. She said Amazon could only give me a refund for half the cost of the express delivery. “No problem”, I replied.  I was not even expecting a discount on it.  So, while she was still on the phone, I placed the order and since the express delivery was going to be half-price, I added some more items that were not on my initial order. I suspect she did not say anything because she did not want me to go off on a tangent again.  She adjusted the price. I thanked her and apologised for subjecting her to my whining. She laughed and told me to have a nice day. I wonder if she meant it :mrgreen:.

A happy ending!’s ‘free’ delivery costs too much!

July 11, 2009 28 comments

I ordered some items from Amazon about 2 weeks days ago using their ‘free delivery’ option. Estimated delivery date was 5 days ago. Well,  the postman arrived on that day, there was no delivery so I phoned Amazon. The customer services officer suggested that I wait another week and if I don’t receive it, I should ring them and they’ll send out another one.

I just checked my emails and there was one from Amazon (sent 2 days ago) telling me that they are refunding my payment because my shipping address is ‘undeliverable’.  My address has not been undeliverable all these years so why now? Anytime I use their free Super Saver Delivery, I have all sorts of problems.   Amazon’s website states that

When a postal carrier returns an undeliverable package to us, we issue a full refund (including delivery charges).

We are unable to re-send packages that are returned to us as undeliverable. If you would still like to purchase those items, you’re welcome to place a new order on our website.

I checked the latest price on one of the items that I had ordered and it now costs more than double what I paid for it 😯 ! I’ll ring them in the morning. Hopefully, they will agree deliver my items at the price I paid when I first ordered them.  If that does not work, then I’ll have to go shopping on the high street.  It’s so annoying.

An appreciation of my father

July 1, 2009 Leave a comment

Father’s day got me thinking: any time I see or speak to my mother, I tell her that I love her.  I am ashamed to write that I don’t do the same with my father because, in my little mind, I expect him to KNOW. Why?

I love my father very dearly and we have a great relationship.  HNew Picturee taught me a lot and taught me well.  His mother (Nana, hope you are sleeping well) raised him on her own and life was tough for them but he uses that as a motivator, not a hindrance, in his life.  He and my mother instilled in us the values and discipline we needed to guide us through life and encouraged us to take  responsibility for our actions. I never wanted to go to school but my father (aka the fountain of wisdom) would tell me,  “There will come a time when I can no longer protect you. These values and knowledge will be your weapon in life. So as long as you live in my house, you live by my rules.”  Now I’m all grown up and I just can’t stop studying – always have to be reading something. My dad now pokes fun at me for this 😆

I only began to appreciate my father’s lectures when I became an adult.  They have been a guiding force in my life. I have made some really awful decisions but by holding myself accountable and learning from my mistakes, I’m constantly growing as a human being.

As one of my wise friends reminded me, fathers also need to be told that they are loved and appreciated and not just on Father’s Day. I will tell my father,  more often, that I love him.

A taste of his own medicine

June 29, 2009 3 comments

My neighbour started blaring his music again this evening.  I was trying to watch the evening news and could hear his music over my TV.  I just couldn’t be dealing with his loud music in this hot weather. I know he likes listening to rap, R&B and rock so I put on some jazz (Spyro gyra) at full blast until he turned down his volume.

I hope he finally got the message but I’m not taking any chances, I’ve got some opera ready for the next time he plays his music too loud.  I’m sure he’ll appreciate Andrea Bocelli as much as I do :mrgreen:

Now, why did I not think of this before?